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Project Overview
Accel is a non-profit organization that provides educational and extracurricular programs for special needs kids and young adults. As a voluntary web designer, myself and 2 other designers worked with the company to re-design their website and refresh their branding and marketing across all mediums.

My role was to re-design the website to simplify the communication of what they do, what programs they offer, and simplify signup for families and potential donors. I also worked with the other designers to refresh the brand and integrate it into the website.
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First, I worked with the accel stakeholders to
determine a rough site map.

After a rough site map was created, we moved onto wireframes. This was to determine where and why each section would work on the page. Through a few rounds of approval, the site structure was created. The user experience simplifies how families can learn more about programs and access resources, but also inform donors to secure more funding for their programs, and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Next, myself and the other 2 designers did a mood board and created iterations of how their new brand would work. The updated design utilized bright and inviting colors to connect with youth and families, and a thinner, lowercase word mark to be more inclusive to the people they are working with. The sunburst icon from their original branding was incorporated as an element and used in digital and printed communication.

Following this process, I took the branding work we did together and created a homepage design to be approved with the stakeholders. With approval, a brand guide was made and the remainder of the wireframes were built with a consistent style in Figma. The finished design was handed over to their IT department to be implemented into WordPress.

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