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Project Overview
MediaAlpha is a Software company that provides a platform for companies to navigate vertical search advertising. These companies, such as kayak, or Priceline, will work with MediaAlpha to connect with clients such as enterprise rent a car, to advertise to consumers. As web designer for Motion Tactic, I worked with a project manager and developers to design a marketing site for MediaAlpha, to simplify the communication of their business offering and provide a platform for their digital marketing for new clients.
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The team started by working with the client to develop a rough site map of what pages needed to be created and what sections roughly needed to be on each page.

Next, We took the site map and developed a rough set of wireframes, to show the general page elements in each section on the page, such as buttons or text, and how the site sections act as informative areas and digital marketing opportunities.

Following an approval process with the client to determine the functionalities of the site through these wireframes, we moved onto creating a mood board, to stay on the same page with the client with what their aesthetic expectations are.

After that, we created an initial homepage design following the wireframe structure. With approval of the homepage, a digital brand guideline was created, including an illustrative style. Then, we built out the remaining pages of the wireframes in the same consistent page structure as the home page.

Finally, after an iterative process of approval of all the final designed pages, the illustrative elements included in the design were animated in after effects and converted into json files for the developers. Some mobile pages were revisited and designed with the help of developers to determine functionality.

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