Graphic Design, Animation, UX/UI
Project Overview
WaySlay is a beauty product delivery application located in Pittsburgh, Miami and the Washington DC area. I was tasked with creating an explainer video of how the application works, and showcasing the business' strengths. This took a proccess of storyboarding, recording audio and animating the video to go along with the content. Following success of the video, I was brought in to re-design the web based application's homepage.
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The Problem

WaySlay was having issues with customer conversion from their homepage. There was a need to simplify the homepage structure to optimize the jump off point into shopping.

UX/UI Goals

  • prioritize store search

  • drive traffic to product and sign up user flows

  • design supporting images more authentic to the products sold

  • create a page that is mobile optimized first, but also accessible on desktop, since the app is developed through flutter.

First, we took a look at some competitor designs, doordash's homepage being most applicable with its flow into the web based application and supporting images. We then constructed a low fidelity wireframe of the page.

Next, the low fidelity wireframe was converted into a high fidelity wireframe in figma, these sections were considered and user tested amongst the stakeholders and selected customers. The top picks section created mobile optimized cards of each top product to funnel customers straight into shopping.

Store search was prioritized through the hero component and a sticky header search bar with scrolling.

Once the user flow of the page was approved, the design was built out to a high fidelity prototype to pass on to the development team.

The result of the imagery and designed sections creates credibility to
the customer, and clarity of services offered in a simple and effective way. CTAs and product cards get customers straight into shopping

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